Zealandia is the Earth’s newest continent.  Since the mid-1990’s scientists have been advocating for Zealandia to be included as an official continent.  Then on February 17, 2017 those scientists published a scientific journal article (see here) detailing the scientific evidence that Zealandia is indeed Earth’s 8th Continent.  Other articles (e.g., https://bigthink.com/design-for-good/earths-hidden-continent-zealandia-finally-recognized) came out throughout 2017 recognizing the scientific evidence supports Zealandia as a continent.

Zealandia is comprised of New Zealand and New Caledonia.   It is the 2nd smallest of the eight continents.

Zealandia serves as the starting point for the 7th Annual Triple 8 Quest.  We begin our journey around the globe in Auckland, New Zealand where we will run in the 7th Annual 8th Continet Marathon joined by local runners from a variety of running clubs.