About Us

The Triple 8 Quest is a first of its kind event.  The idea was conceived and conceptualized by Steve Hibbs, owner and Chief Adventurer of Marathon Adventures, LLC and Marathon Adventures-AMEIA, LLC.

In addition to the Triple 8 Quest, Marathon Adventures owns and operates The White Continent 50k, Marathon and Half Marathon, Southern Cross Marathon and Half Marathon & Punta Arenas 50k, Marathon & Half-Marathon.  All of those race names are trademarked, which are owned either by Marathon Adventures, LLC, Marathon Adventures- AMEIA, and/or Steve Hibbs

“Triple 8 Quest – 8 Marathons, 8 Continents, 8 Days” is trademarked by Steve Hibbs.

“8 Marathons, 8 Continents, 8 Days” is trademarked by Steve Hibbs.

“Triple 7 Quest – 7 Marathons, 7 Continents, 7 Days” is a registered trademark.

Any use of any of these trademarks, without the express written permission of Marathon Adventures, LLC, Marathon Adventures-AMEIA, LLC., and/or Steve Hibbs, is strictly prohibited.